Locus Reports/Sketch Plans

The Site of the Accident

Our trained agents attend at the site of the
accident, note the condition of the road, prevailing traffic signals, speed limits, hazards, traffic flow and road markings. They can take accurate measurements and then provide a sketch plan detailing the Locus in Quo. Photographs are taken and marked on the plan to indicate direction and position of each picture. The photographs and the sketch plan are then mounted into a binder.

Statement of Truth

Where necessary, a Statement of Truth is
prepared by our agent exhibiting the related
sketch plan and photographs.


Accidents in the Environment

Not all accidents involve vehicles on the road.
They occur in many environments e.g. the
workplace or perhaps outside their home or even in someone else’s premises again photographs and a plan of the scene will show things as they were at the time of the incident.

Fully Qualified Agents

Our agents are trained to interview witnesses to ensure that the evidence is detailed and factual.
An analytical interview followed by a detailed written account should contain both helpful and adverse information. Lawyers cannot give sound advice without a complete picture.


We can supply a sample Locus Report / Sketch Plan upon request, if required and provide
references from clients that use this service on a regular basis.

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